We are a young company, entrepreneur and committed to your well-being. Our products are a rich and healthy source of food that nourishes you and your family.

Our origins are in the Mexican Pacific, we are a proudly mexican company with an international presence, bringing all the flavor and quality of our products to the table of our consumers around the world.


MARHEL GROUP offers you the best products with natural proteins, committed to the quality and well-being of your family, under an innovation scheme and promoting the conservation of ecosystems. We offer an important diversity of products and presentations, we have presence in countries such as The United States, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Japan, Korea, China, the Arab Emirates, Israel, Spain, among others.

MARHEL GROUP provides well-being through products with proteins and nutrients of high quality and great taste at affordable prices.

Committed with quality.



We believe in respect, generosity and gratitude to the sea as a source of life. We are a company that is aware, sensitive and concerned with the conservation and sustainability of oceans and seas, we work on the excellence and quality of our products and services.





Committed to quality, innovation and total customer satisfaction, MARHEL GROUP consolidates itself as a leader in the industry, creating experiences that transcend national and international markets.





Our brands have the highest quality control parameters during all the processes they require to bring them to your table.

We use the most advanced technology from the moment we go out to the sea until we canned the product and leave it ready for you to consume.

Our products have an excellent flavor accompanied by the greatest amount of nutrients, vitamins and proteins so that your diet is the most adequate, enjoying a great taste and matchless quality.

Passion for carrying to your table the best




We believe in the constant innovation of our productive, operational, organizational and human processes, developing advanced tools to exceed the demands of our markets.


We always have the best disposition to provide you with the best experience, we have constant and empowering trainings to provide you an excellent service.


We team up with you, to provide you quality products that nourish your body so that you lead a healthy life.


We are aware of an ecological and social reality, we contribute to the development of programs and strategies that allow harmony and balance in our environment.


We carry out our processes based on the organization, perseverance and will, generating efficient and optimal experiences.


We believe that it is the transversal axis that results in quality, innovation and customer service.

Innovation and technology.

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